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Want Trina to Write a Custom Song for you?

Perfect for your next event, special occasion, a loved one's birthday, anniversary, graduation, valentine's gift, etc. 

Custom Songs by Trina are one-of-a-kind songs, tailored specifically for you and/or your loved ones. They’re great for birthdays, “Get Well Soon” or “Thinking of You” or “Thank you” messages, life passages, home dedications, special events, anniversaries, zoom meetings, holiday gifts, etc.. the possibilities are endless.


I would love to help you bring your song blessing to life. 

How it Works


"She really did turn my words into music! Such an expansive and enriching experience. Thank you Trina, for the opportunity.  ❤🙏❤"


"Through insightful prompts and persistent listening and reflecting, Trina captured my message 100% and artfully transformed it into a customized, heartfelt keepsake." 


"She put her creative brilliance to work really hearing what I needed to say, and channeling the meaning. Message was mine, Word and music composition is Trina's, each time.❤"


Having Trina write a custom song for you is a powerful, unforgettable, heart-opening experience.

  1. Click the button to get started and reserve your place in the queue. 

  2. We'll meet and discuss your project, and if it feels like a fit both ways, we'll formalize our agreement, and make a second appointment to go over your song intention and ideas. 

  3. We’ll meet again over Zoom to discuss your vision and ideas for your song. I’ll ask questions and flesh out my understanding of what you're looking for. 

  4. After this session, I will begin to develop your song. 

  5. Once I have a first draft to share with you, probably within under a week or so, we’ll schedule another meeting for the big reveal where I will share your song with you. This is often an amazing moment, so come ready to really take it in!

  6. At this time, you can make any revision requests.  I will do my best to get your song just the way you love it. Your package comes with three sets of revisions (and although you’ll be unlikely to need them, more can be purchased upon request). 

  7. Soon, you'll have a unique, made-for-you song that you love, ready to enjoy and share with your loved ones. Your package includes:

    1. A professionally produced recording of your song, 

    2. Sheet music, 

    3. Your choice of a vinyl record and/or a CD packaged in custom artwork made just for your project.

  8. If you like, after that we can explore ways of taking it up a notch, including:

    1. A personalized video of me performing your song, 

    2. A slide show with your song along with images you choose, 

    3. And/ or a serenade to your loved one or special group . . . 

    4. and more.

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