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Family ~ Business ~ Retreats ~ Focus Groups

When we come together in a group, there’s an opportunity for a deeper way of finding our individual wholeness within the oneness.

It’s my passion to support you in finding that.

Trina’s capacity to help you design and carry out immersive and transformative group experiences that carry everyone to a place of greater connection, synergy and shared purpose will be something you’ll be able to look back on with great satisfaction and fulfillment.

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What People say . . . 


Trina—I am full of joy that we were in a circle singing tonight and that I was able to be there. I feel incredibly grateful. 


Thank you, All — for your fellowship, your openness, and your voices. Thank  you Trina, for sharing your gifts. Balm to the soul.


Every single time my senses allow me to take in one of these sessions I feel so grateful to be alive. I try to take nothing for granted these days. Blessings to Trina, and grateful thanks to this entire community.

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What's possible for YOU and your group?

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