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Create and enjoy an inner sanctuary where deep regeneration can take place.​


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Tap into a resource that's always there for you -- like your own inner GPS.


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Utilize a nonlinear approach for addressing challenging issues.


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Listen & Relax Now

Prepare for a mini-vacation, click on the track of your choice and slip into a state of deep peace.

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Create and enjoy

an inner sanctuary

where deep regeneration

can take place.



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Operating at peak effectiveness requires that we be deliberate about also letting go . . . making space and time to release into the body's rest and repair cycle.


But in a world that rewards doing, sometimes we need a little help to remember HOW drop in and deeply relax. 

Self-Hypnosis Training

In these sessions, I train you to hypnotize yourself to quickly access the pleasurable and health-enhancing benefits of deep relaxation at will. 


So for example, if you have only five minutes to spare before a big meeting, and need to feel at your best, you can take that time for a deep dive into your own regenerative space, to re-emerge feeling fresh, clear, grounded and focused just minutes later. 

Or if you’re a busy parent with multiple demands and little space for self-care, a regular Self-Hypnosis practice can be an effective way of maximizing the self-care time that you do have.  

And as a creative professional, I can personally attest to how powerful it is when I’m feeling blocked creatively, to take a deep dive in the unconscious and come up with fresh inspiration.

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Higher Guidance Hypnotherapy Sessions


When clients make contact with their Higher Self and True Inner Guides via Hypnotherapy, they often report feeling deeply loved and peaceful.

This approach comes from the perspective that you are already completely and inextricably a part of your Higher Self, and that those areas of your life that feel like “problems” are simply places where you’ve gotten out of sync with that greater You.


Reconnecting and re-synchronizing your awareness with this greater expression of who you are can accomplish quite a lot to help relieve unnecessary suffering and struggle, helping you to reorient according to a perspective of who you are beyond the defensive identity.

Tap into a resource that's always there for YOU.

Rock Maze

Past Life Regression

Are Past Lives real? 

And even if they are,

how could it benefit us to revisit them?

First off, I want to emphasize that my primary objective as a Hypnotherapist is to support my clients in becoming more fully interested and engaged in their here-and-now realities, ready and able to make their current life experience more the way they truly value.  

So from my perspective, it does not tend to serve us to become overly entranced with what happened in the past, whether this life or another.


It has been my experience that when I and clients have done Past Life Regression work with the intention of resolving or bringing greater peace to a sticky here-and-now issue, we’ve regularly had profoundly transformative experiences, which often help us to organically create positive shifts in our daily lives beyond what can be readily explained in a linear way. 

So while I’m unprepared to argue one way or another as to the factual-ness of past lives, I am completely ready to stand by the value of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy to help in areas where you currently struggle.

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