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"I recently worked with Trina for the first time when i was having some medical PTSD related issues.  She was able to see me same day (it was a pressing matter) and the difference between when i went in and when i came out was so significant that my husband didn't even mention it because he didn't want to jinx it.  My only other experience with hypnotherapy was unsuccessful as I wasn't fully trusting of the hypnotherapist, but Trina was very kind and sensitive and I wholeheartedly trust her and recommend her highly."

~ Carol Ford, OR

"Before meeting Trina, I had tried many modalities for healing past trauma. In traditional talk therapy, I often felt like I was just scratching the surface. I felt misunderstood, frustrated, and sometimes stuck in victim mode with no clear path out.

Upon meeting Trina, I felt a sense of connectedness and being seen. There's a sense that all of me is safe with her. She doesn't try to "fix" me. Instead, she holds a non-judgmental space and skillfully guides me to use my own inner wisdom to move toward healing. I leave our sessions feeling empowered, integrated, and transformed . I know I have this wonderful, supportive person in my corner and yet, I am taking the action to help myself." 

Jessa G

"My experience with Trina as a transformational coach was phenomenal.  Her presence was welcoming and soothing. She guided me through more than one process and to my desired outcome. I look forward to working with her again soon."

Courtney Edwards

"To say that Trina is empathic and insightful would be an understatement. Her loving heart and authenticity hit you like a deep breath of fresh air, as does her intuition. There's something very compassionate and gentle, yet strong about her nature that I find calming.
Little did I know [our session] would become the catalyst for the second spiritual awakening of my adult life.
What she gave me was specific, and provided me just the right nudge.. the confirmations and empowerment I was asking the universe for; and she helped me set a course.
She also helped me to see that I was strong enough to get started on what I call "the deep work". I would highly recommend working with Trina Brunk."

~ Liz Thomas, MO

I had a wonderful meditative experience with Trina. She is gentle and her approach is very empathetic. I highly recommend working with Trina to gain clarity in mind and vision and make a conscious decision of how you want to show up in this world and to your own self. Trina quickly identified the areas I needed help with and went right in. She is very down to earth and a wonderful person overall.

~ Falguni Katira, CA



Trina is a very knowledgeable, practiced, kind and intuitive. She helped guide me through some very difficult territory and I am very grateful to her for that! I will continue to work with her as part of my healing journey and practice and highly recommend that others seeking someone to help them navigate difficult territory considering working with her as well!

~ Hope Littwin, Chicago, IL



During my session with Trina, she intuitively zeroed right in on my most important core issues and created remedies.  She's very gifted!

~ Christian Douglas, OR



Trina Brunk's accompaniment in my process of growth and self-exploration has helped to spur quantum shifts in my thinking that might have taken years of therapy or might never have happened. She brings an incisive mind and a powerful intuition to the task, and her skills have only grown and deepened over time. This type of healing work is greatly needed in these times, and not at all easy to find.

~ Tracy Barnet, MX



Trina has helped me at key points in my life to help get clarity on direction and clear away obstacles to more fullness and joy in my life.  I recommend her highly.

~ Toni Rahman, MX



Trina knew just the right questions to ask during my session that brought me to a place of peace and harmony, and feeling more powerful!  I really enjoyed working with her.

~ Barbara Solomon, OR



Trina is skilled, trustworthy hypnotherapist. Our session provided me with a sense of peace and optimism that I continue to draw upon.

~ Ellie Marie Moore, MO



I've seen therapist and counselors for many reasons over the years. There is nobody like Trina. The tools she has taught me I will carry with me. Amazing at what she does and an incredible human. She cares deeply about her clients. Thank you Trina. I'm blessed to have found you

~JJ Skelley, OR


The work I did with Trina has continued to resonate with me for months and has proved to be highly valuable in my Pilgrimage to 75. I have known Trina for years and love watching her journey unfold🙏🏿

~ Karen Johnson, NH

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