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How many sessions will I need?

This can vary depending on the complexity of what you’re dealing with, and your ability to use the self-care practices I show you outside of session time.


Sometimes a client will completely address a concern in the first session. That does happen. More typically, clients experience some benefits in the first session but may need another session or two to really feel complete. Other clients can benefit from a longer series of sessions, and this includes those with more complex challenges as well as those who are looking for longer term support to reach life goals or deepen their self-care practices.


What’s the difference between what you do, and traditional counseling or therapy?

There are several key differences.


Diagnoses: In conventional therapy, the therapist works to diagnose a condition and then treat it. While this is beneficial in some situations, my training and expertise don’t prepare me to diagnose anything, because the methods I use start with your direct experience in the moment. I have been trained to help you to transform your actual experience, and to step into a brand new experience, which can help you get the results you’re looking for. At the same time, clients often go beyond what they once thought was possible for themselves, in terms of overall wellbeing and satisfaction in life. 


Medication: Psychiatrists are qualified to prescribe and advise clients on the use of medications. I don’t prescribe medications, and do not advise clients on whether to stay with or stop using prescribed medications. If you are on medications and want to transition off of them, please know that my training doesn’t qualify me to advise you on how to do that safely and effectively. It is useful for me to know whether you’re using meds, because psychiatric medications and other psychoactive substances can change the effectiveness of, or interfere with our work together.


Power balance: In a conventional therapeutic relationship, it’s common for a counselor to assume the role of an expert or authority, putting them at a higher level of status, a “power up” position. As a coach, while it’s true that I have dedicated myself to constantly increasing my level of expertise and skill, I defer to you as the expert of your own experience and the authority over what is best for you and what you’re up for engaging. The models I use assume that the answers to your challenges are already within you, and my job is to help you learn how to access them. So in this way, our relationship is intended to be as equals. 


Problem vs Solution focus: It is common for therapy to involve talking through what happened in the past to identify the problem in order to know how to fix it.  When clients work with me, our primary focus begins with identifying what you want to accomplish, and then supporting you in finding the solutions to reaching your goals. 

Each coach and therapist has their own way of working, and I can only provide a small list of possible differences. There may be more or fewer depending on who you work with and whatever trends in the industry are emerging. This list is intended to give you a sampling of what to expect when working with me. 


Are you licensed? What are your credentials?

Life Coaching is unregulated for the most part, and in most municipalities there are no licenses available. So no, I am not licensed. However, I am committed to offering highest quality services to my clients, and for this reason, after exploring a number of options, I chose to work with the Andreas NLP folks to earn their Core Transformation Coach Certification, as well as to engage their other offerings that as yet do not have certifications available.


These folks and their offerings continuously match my personal standards both for integrity as well as efficacy. The training is rigorous and thorough, and not everyone who goes through the course is approved and certified as a Core Transformation Coach. 


Here is a list of my areas of study and certifications that are directly relevant to my work as a life coach:

  • Certification as a Core Transformation Coach with Andreas NLP, 2021 
  • Completion of Wholeness Work Level IV with Andreas NLP, 2022

  • Intensively studied Steve Andreas’s Self-Concept model with Damon Cart from Sept. 2020 through May 2021

  • Certification as a Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist with Jack Elias at the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, 2018

  • Reiki Levels I, II and III with Judy Nagel LaC

  • Ongoing study, meditation, prayer, self-inquiry and a generally investigative nature.​


Can I meet with you beforehand and find out if it's a good fit?

Absolutely. Book a free 30 minute consult here.


I have a different question that isn't answered here. How can I ask you directly?

I'd love to hear from you. Either message me from the contact page, or email me at I'll respond as soon as I can.

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