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change your music, change your life.

We know that music has the power to change things — the way we think and feel.  Why not take advantage of this and do it on purpose?


SoulSong Sessions are a brand new offering, born of my tendency to turn everything and anything into a song, and my observation that things really can and do shift for the better when we open up our creative space to our higher wisdom that guides, inspires, heals and transforms.


In this relaxed and fun 1 hour meeting of souls, we open with a simple prayer (all spiritual paths honored and welcomed).  


As we’re both held in this sacred space, I invite you to share what’s alive for you right now — your yearnings, challenges, heartaches, joys, and aspirations. I’ll help you zero in on what’s most important to you, and then intuitively connect the threads that weave together into a coherence that literally sings your heart home.  


You’ll walk away with musical medicine specifically curated for you.  It may include songs I’ve already written, or a brand new song may emerge in the space, inspired by our interaction.  

This will be something that you can return to again and again to help you remember your happy place in times you forget, or to support you in taking that positive step forward in your life by anchoring new, life-affirming patterns.


So, for a limited time, I’ll be offering members of my email list these sessions at a very low price of $50 per session.  

Schedule yours now.

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