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Attention is power. Reclaim yours.

Learn how to use 4 Questions for Inner Alignment,™ a startlingly effective, simple new way to tap into your natural wisdom anywhere, at any time.

  • Come back to center when you’re scattered, unfocused or triggered

  • Quickly identify where to focus for healing or change work

  • Ground and reconnect with your resources

  • Tap into your natural wisdom & healing

  • Free up your creativity to respond in a brand new way

  • Do all of the above anywhere, at any time

Experience the 4 Questions firsthand (three ways):

1. Learn the basics of how to use the Four Questions process in an online video and audio course.  Click here to sign up.

2. Go through the audio version of the Four Questions Level I course on Insight Timer.  Click here to join.

3. Get one-on-one Transformation Coaching with Trina. First step: Book a free 30 minute consult to find out if this is a great fit.

Welcome to the 4 Questions for Inner Alignment Process.

These Questions can help you to:

  1. Focus when you’re feeling scattered

  2. Put your attention where it will do the most good

  3. Take responsibility for what’s yours

  4. Free up your creativity to respond in a brand new way

  5. Know exactly what to focus on for any healing or change work.

Green Pastures
Image by Ivan Bandura

Instead of offering "the Answers to your deepest questions", these are Questions for any tightly held "answers" which are really just stuck places in the psyche, where you may have come to previous "conclusions" and frozen right there in time, in a way which isn’t relevant to the current flow of what's actually happening right now.


I know this might sound like a tall order, but I dare you to try it out and see for yourself. 

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