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About Trina

I’m Trina Brunk, a life coach, singer/songwriter and mom, currently living in Northfield, Minnesota. 


I had the privilege of growing up in a musical family, where a song could break out at any moment.  Growing up this way, I noticed how music could connect us with each other.


I also noticed how music could take me places . . . but not always where I wanted to go. So eventually, I decided to write and record songs that took me where I wanted to go, and that felt awesome.


This gave me an appetite for finding other ways to make that transformative shift in my mindset, to go from stuck and miserable, to openhearted and interested, focused and moving in the direction of living more the way I wanted to. So the most natural and obvious thing was to become a life coach who combines my passion for helping people transform their consciousness, with my love for making and sharing transformative music. 

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