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4 Questions for Inner Alignment
Research Project Update

November 26, 2021

2021 4Q Research Project Update

The 4 Questions was originally a strategy that I used to help me come back to center as I faced the difficult journey of healing from CPTSD.

As I began sharing this process with others, it seemed to me that I was getting better results than I expected on a wide range of issues. In some cases the process seemed to work when other modalities didn't. I decided to dedicate July and August 2021 to giving as many free sessions as I could, to find out more about this.  

Here is what I found.

Research Update 

By the end of August I had given 70 free sessions, and had received a first round of followup surveys on 45 of them.

The results look fantastic on the surface — right after only one session, over 80% of respondents reported feeling more resourceful in the areas of their lives that we focused on. Some folks reported feeling blown away by how profound their experience was. A couple of folks felt unsure and a one person reported no improvement. After 30 days, the number of folks reporting sustained positive impact from the sessions went down to 71%. Which still seemed considerable.


However, these results are inconclusive because fewer than half of the participants completed all the followup surveys.


I feel tempted to focus on the seeming strong positive response, but I’m uncertain how to read the low response rate. Did folks decline to answer because they didn’t want to say anything negative? Some folks had forgotten what they'd originally worked on, so couldn't answer. And my strategy for collecting data didn't account for this, something that I will fix if I do this again. So there’s a big gap in the data and therefore in my understanding.

Also, it would be interesting to do a double blind type survey to find out what changes people might experience after simply sharing what they were feeling challenged by, and doing nothing more than simply being heard. I do feel that one of the most powerful things we can do for one another is simply to listen and hold a space of acceptance. So there's that.


All in all, it seems to me that clients are still getting better results than I expected on a wide range of issues when they're using this modality. With some clients the process seems to work when other modalities don't. And in other situations with other clients, I still would choose to use another modality such as Core Transformation or Wholeness Work. I do feel that more research is warranted before any stronger statements can be made. If you're interested in updates about further research projects, you may join my 4Q Facebook group and I'll keep you posted there. 


If you're interested in 4Q Sessions


If you’ve already experienced this work and would like to get another 4 Questions session, I’m offering them prorated at $100/hour. Since the process seems to work really quickly, especially for those who have some familiarity with it and don’t need a lot of explanation, you can just pay for the time that you use. Ie. If you use 15 minutes then your charge is $25, and if you use 1/2 hour it would be $50. 

For First Timers:

For those who are approaching this work for the first time, please start by getting a First Coaching Session (click here to schedule and pay) and I’ll take you through all the ins and outs, and then you'll qualify for the 4Q alumni rate.

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